Here is what the artists we’ve worked with and the audiences we’ve performed to have to say about The Arc…

“The Arc Theatre Chicago is extremely professional, collaborative and honors their actors with integrity. Working with The Arc Theatre Chicago is a truly gift to any artist!” – Tyler Meredith, Actress

“Both times I worked with Arc I had the incredible good fortune to join a group of artists that were true collaborators and experience that wonderful alchemy of creating something that was so much more than the sum of its parts.  It’s the kind of experience that I hope for every time I work on a production.  Arc seems to have a knack for doing that with all of their shows.  You will be challenged to play hard and bring your best ideas and then play hard with all everyone’s best ideas..  And yeah, when it is all over, you will feel more than a bit spoiled for other,  less joyful productions.” – Meg Elliott, Actress

“The Arc Theater Company has grown up before Evanston’s eyes over the past five years. Founded in 2010 by several soon-to-graduate DePaul theater students, the company, along with the Ridgeville Park District program director Michael Miro, conceived of Shakespeare on the Ridge. Evanston is far the richer for it.” – Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

“But, largely due to Mark Boergers’ smartly produced, well-acted production, the scenes that follow are equally as exciting. This unorthodox production amplifies everything the playwright says about women’s rights, feminism and personal life in a way that makes this 30-year-old play feel fun, fresh and new.” – Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review, “Top Girls”

“The good people at The Arc Theatre are equal parts passionate and fun-loving. They understand that at it’s heart, good theatre should be simple and honest, but also that everyone involved (audience and artist alike) should take joy in the experience.” – Sean Wiberg, Actor

“I first met Mark and Teddy when I auditioned for an Arc production, was called back and shortly after, released from consideration. I knew when I read my swift, “thank you, no thank you” email that I needed to be a part of this company. It was the first time in my many years surviving this industry, that I encountered professionals so careful and considerate of fellow artists.” – Natalie Sallee, Company Member

“My take-away from working with the Arc Theatre? Do it!  If you are invited to work with the immensely talented and creatively daring individuals that comprise The Arc Theatre, you should jump at the chance. It was an honor and a joy to share the same creative space with this highly professional artistic family.” -Patricia Lavery, Actress