The Arc is growing and we have many exciting plans for the future as we continue to work with some of the most intelligent and provocative artists in the Chicago Theater Community. 

We seek to continue to outperform our budget, whatever it may be.  This means presenting high quality and provocative performances that utilize the talents of artists who are passionate about their craft.  We have spent six years perfecting what we can do with every resource we have, and we are ready to grow in those resources and visibility in the Chicago Theater Community as we promote integrity of craft and service to our audience.

In the near future, The Arc is expanding to produce shows in our new home base, Evanston.  We strive to expand these shows to become Eligible for the Jeff Awards, create a relationship with Actor’s Equity and to continue our positive reviews to cement ourselves as a high quality producing entity in the Chicago Theater Community.

We strive to increase the compensation we can offer our artists and company members who work on our shows.  At present, we can only offer a “stipend” to our artists- which though it is in line with the vast majority of companies our size (and bigger), can and should reflect the amount of time and effort our stellar artists put forth.

As an extended goal, we strive to find a home for our work- both in an office setting and also, someday, a permanent theater/bar space where we can serve the community through polished, intriguing and accessible performances, workshops and other teaching opportunities as well as a social hub for artists and those interested in art.