Producing theater that is professional and provocative takes a good amount of funds.  You may have heard that ticket sales make up less than 50% of an operating budget for a theatre company.  This is very true in the case of The Arc.  Our ticket pricing philosophy is to work hard to make tickets accessible to artists and non-artists alike in order to promote growth in the community.  Here are some items and approximate costs to The Arc that we need support to achieve:

Contemporary Play Rights- up to $150 a performance, $2000 in total for a basic run

Space Rental- up to $1500/weekend for a professional small theater space in Chicago.  $7500 in total for a basic run

Set Materials- a modest budget is $500-$1000 for Cailin to work her magic

Costume Materials- a modest budget for a show like Top Girls is $600-$800– for Cailin and our designers to costume 15 characters including historical period costumes that may need to be built or rented.

Marketing/PR- Help to get our productions out to the public and reviewed by the city newspapers can cost up to $1500 not to mention printing and publishing costs.

Artist Pay: To truly pay artists even a minimum wage for the hours they put in would be tens of thousands of dollars.  We seek to continuously raise our artist pay to show respect to our artists who have all trained in their craft.  We also want to continue to court the very best of artists to be a part of our productions.

We appreciate your help and support to help us pay for these items and continue to outperform our budget!